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Michelle Phan | Biography

Quick Facts Name: Michelle Phan Date of Birth: April 11, 1987 Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts Ethnicity: Asian Education at: Ringling School of Art Profession: YouTube Personality Marital Status: Unmarried Height: 5 feet and inches Net Worth: $ 3 million Michelle Phan is a Vietnamese-American YouTube celebrity who became notable as a passionate makeup artist and entrepreneur in the world of beauty and fashion. Having produced some of the most unique YouTube video tutorial, Phan has emerged as one of the leading makeup gurus in the popular video website. Phan was born as a second child into a Vietnamese family on April 11, 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts. Steve Phan is her older brother and Christine is the name of her younger half-sister.

Dattie Pepper Biography

Dottie Pepper is a professional golf player who is currently famous as a television presenter of the same game. She is an expert in American golf and having played the game herself gives out several tips and pointers on her shows interspersed with her broadcast. For a while, she was known publicly as Dottie Mochrie. However, that was her name after a marriage, and since her divorce from it, she has reverted to being known as Dottie Pepper.
Hottest Weather Girl ever, sexiest weather woman in history, list of most beautiful weather reporter girls today.

Who is the Hottest Weather Girl EVER?

Hottest Weather Girl EVER! There’s a warm front moving through Mexico – and it’s Yanet Garcia!   Hottest Weather Girls Compilation – My Top 10 Cynthia Rachid 0:17 – Diana Alvarado 01:15 – Cristina Blackwell 02:14 – Jackie Guerrido 03:12 – Janice Villagran 04:10 – Mayte Carranco 05:08 – Naile Lopez 06:06 – Prissila Sanchez 07:04 – Ximena Cordoba08:02 – Yanet Garcia 09:00 Yanet Garcia, Hot Weather Reporter, Blew Up Reddit Mexico’s hot hot hot weather woman Yanet Garcia, whose insanely good looks caught the Internet’s eye recently, continues to take the Internet by storm (pun intended). Garcia has people on their thirst behavior, on Reddit especially, with the r/yanetgarcia subreddit becoming the fastest growing non-default subreddit within 24 hours over the weekend.

Donna Murphy: Overcoming Tragedy

How is Donna Murphy lately? Is there any news about her, and her love life? Is she married or divorced? Known to be quite silent about her personal life, many people love the actress and want to know more about her.

Did Gary LeVox Cheat?

Gary LeVox Gossip spread recently that Gary LaVox possibly had an affair with another woman and could be headed toward divorce. Who is the other woman? And what is at stake with Gary LaVox’s net worth? In fact, is any of the gossip true?
Rare Pics of Kim Kardashian’s Son Emerge!! Any plan for third child?

Rare Pics of Kim Kardashian’s Son Emerge

Have you been wondering what Kim Kardashian’s son looks like? The reality TV star gave birth to a little boy on December 5, and named him Saint. This is her first son, and her second child with her husband, rapper Kanye West. The couple has been known to stay private and say little about their relationship and their children, so it was a rarity to see Kim Kardashian’s son’s picture finally posted.
Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen, Early Life, networth, married, Age, Height

Meet Danish Actor Mads Mikkelsen

Have you ever wondered about Mads Mikkelsen, and how he got his start? What was his early life like? How did his career start? Who is he married to, and what is his net worth?
Gates McFadden Bio, Married, Height, Twitter, Star trek, divorce

Get to Know Gates McFadden

Have you ever wondered about Gates McFadden and her background? Is she married or divorced? What were her early life and early career like? What is her net worth?
Marina Sirtis Married, Divorce, height, career, bio,

Get to Know Actress Marina Sirtis

Have you ever wanted to know more about the actress Marina Sirtis? Is she married or is she divorced? What is her net worth? How did she make her career, and where is she from?
Saadet Aksoy Biography, Turkish Actress, Is she Married?

Saadet Aksoy Biography

Turkish born Saadet Aksoy is a stunning actress best known for portraying a red haired punk trumpet player Aska in Sergio Castellitto’s movie “Twice Born”. She was born as Saadet Isil Aksoy on 29th August, 1983 in Istanbul, Turkey. Her upbringing was in a large family with 2 elder brother & loving & caring parents’. She was nicknamed “Sia” by her family & friends.